Vintage Cookbooks

Vintage Cookbooks

Shawn Underwood became interested in vintage cookbooks after seeing such a plethora of them at estate sales. When she found that they were popular for his customers, she grew her collection and eventually opened her cookbook-specific Etsy shop, VintageCookbooks4U.

“Reading vintage and antique cookbooks has been quite informative,” says Underwood. “I’m learning about long-ago used ingredients for recipes, some of which I don’t recognize at all. I’m especially enjoying reading the notes written in the margins of the cookbooks finding old scraps of ancient recipes falling out of the cookbooks, or ‘notes to self’ from the cook.”

Vintage Cookbook Articles

A Guide to American Vintage Cookbooks | Estate Sale Blog

Cookbooks provide a unique peek inside kitchens of the past. Kitchens and cooking have always been a central part of life and culture, so the historical information that can be gleaned from cookbooks is insightful and invaluable. Beyond that, they tend to be incredibly stimulating from a graphic design perspective.

11 Vintage Cookbooks (1861-1920)

These days, cookbooks are all fairly similar in that they offer photos of the food and maybe a few pictures of the celebrity chefs responsible for the creations. But long ago, drawings had to suffice, making these recipe collections far more artistic.

7 Vintage Cookbooks Worth the Thrift Store Hunt

Please don’t judge them by their covers. In a world where everyone carries a professional camera in their pocket, and where flawless media related to food inundates our TVs, Facebook pages, and Instagram feeds, things like old cookbooks seem irrelevant and outdated-but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Antique & Vintage Cookbook Price Guide * Adirondack Girl @ Heart

Today I’m sharing a vintage cookbook price guide, featuring those that have passed through my hands years. Please accept the suggested values in the spirit in which this guide is intended, i.e., in friendship and to help you in any way I can to enjoy and/or sell your precious vintage and antiques.

Top 10 Most Collectible Cookbooks – Cookbook Village

This post focuses on the top 10 cookbooks to make sure to include in a cookbook collection. For someone interested in cookbook collecting, this will give you a head start on the basic books to include as the foundation of your collection. These are the more mainstream cookbooks of the past.

1961 Betty Crocker’s New Picture Cook Book Flip Through + Review | Vintage Cookbooks Episode 2

Today I am reviewing Betty Crocker ‘s New Picture Cook Book Binder from 1961. I recently went to a Church Rummage Sale and purchased several vintage cookbook…

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