Jadeite Green

Jadeite Green

While jadeite green is a collector’s favorite today, it was meant to be regular, utilitarian dishware for the everyday kitchen. The green color was added to existing glass formulas in order to add a bit of color to people’s lives during the Depression.

Seeing that cheery burst of color, glass makers hoped, would brighten people’s days a little. Turns out they were right.

Jadeite, Jadite, or Jade-ite? A Beginner’s Guide to Jadeite

Jadeite, Jadite, or Jade-ite? No matter how you spell it, jadeite is that gorgeous green milk glass found in old homes, estate sales, flea markets and antique malls all over the U.S. and Canada. First created in the 1930s, jadeite is used for all types of things, but most commonly dishware and kitchenware.

Martha’s Jadeite Collection

Martha and Alexis Stewart’s impressive jadeite collection have found a home in at Skylands, Martha’s home in Maine. Take a look at the collection.

Jadeite, the green, green glass of home

In a classic collecting irony, humble glass items once used as giveaways in flour sacks and cereal boxes and bought by the gross for diners and department stores became coveted decades later by those willing to pay Limoges prices for the rarest examples.

Collecting Jadeite

With its origins dating back to the 1930s, jadeite glassware began its mass production through the McKee Glass Co. in Pennsylvania. Their introduction of the Skokie green & Jade kitchenware lines ushered in our fascination with this jade color.

Collecting Jadeite Fire King

It all started with a Jane Ray cereal bowl back in 1988. I was at a friend’s garage sale when I spotted the bowl sitting on a table. I recognized the color from watching old Martha Stewart videos where she talked about her extensive collection of Fire King.


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