diamonds and estate jewelry

How to Find Great Deals on Diamonds and Estate Jewelry

“Pre-owned engagement rings find their way to the marketplace in a variety of ways. On many occasions it’s as a result of an estate sale, but sometimes it is simply because the present owner is looking to liquidate the value held.

Whatever the reason, browsing pre-owned engagement rings, and especially antique and vintage rings, can be tremendously fulfilling.
Browse the internet and you’ll be able to find many collectors of pre-owned rings. Once you have established that any re-seller is reputable, start searching for your dream ring.”.

How to Approach And Find Good Buys in Estate Jewelry

If you had been around auction rooms or antique stores, you may have come across a term called estate jewelry. To put in layman terms, estate jewelry is pre-owned jewelry. However, most people confuse this term with antique style jewelry.

Buying Estate Jewelry: What you Need to Know

Estate jewelry has grown in popularity over the last few decades, largely because antique shows that draw attention to the possibility of finding something rare or valuable (or both). Plus, it can be more cost-effective than new jewelry, and it comes with a history.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Second Hand Engagement Ring

If you’re buying a standard consumer items (like technology and clothes), it usually makes more sense to search for something that is brand new. Buying used goods usually means that you could end up buying something that’s unreliable. Does the same thing apply to a second hand engagement ring?

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