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Both accomplished antique book collectors, Grybos and Sutton identify es-tate sales as one of their most successful spots for hunting down rare books. ““Estate sales are a fantastic place to find some amazing books if the home-owners were old enough,” says Grybos. “I often stop in on the last day of an estate sale as books are rather bulky and often the owners are happy to sell off the book inventory at more reasonable prices.”

In her tireless search for antique books, Sutton has become an avid user of “Estate sales are a wonderful place to source highly collect-ible books and is an excellent resource that I utilize daily,” she says.

Rare Books 101: How to Begin Collecting Rare Books – Rare Books Experts at Bauman Rare Books

If you’ve ever thought about collecting first editions, but didn’t know where to start, this post is for you. Here are 5 tips from me on how to begin collecting. Does this seem obvious? It certainly is when put in such terms, but it is easy to get caught up in peripheral concerns.

Antique and Rare Books: A Guide for Estate Sale Shoppers | Estate Sale Blog

Anyone who has been to an estate sale, garage sale or thrift store has seen the pile of old, tattered books tucked away in a corner, mostly ignored. Books are one of those items that tend to accumulate in our lives because it feels like sacrilege to throw one away.

Estate Sale Guide to Valuable Old Books | Antique Books |

There are thousands of estate sales held on a weekly basis. Almost every home will have books. Identifying valuable, old books from the common books can be tricky. We’ve gathered some information and tips to help you properly identify and sell estate sale books at the highest value possible.

Jackpot! 8 Recent Rare Book Finds in the Wild

You’re pawing through a stack of old books at an estate sale and suddenly you spot a first edition of The Great Gatsby in its coveted dust jacket (worth upwards of $100,000) or a vintage Batman comic book (worth ten times the Gatsby). Think it couldn’t happen?

Antique Books and Paper Care

Protect your antique books and documents for years to come with these tips.

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