Vintage Home Decor

Estate Sales are a Great Place to get Vintage Home Décor

Antique or vintage dinnerware is particularly great for any more eclectic or bohemian decorators. By proxy of being antique, your dinnerware is almost guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind, too. “I love the mix-and-match element of vintage tableware because you can build your own highly personalized collection,” says Brockway. “It’s also an easy way to incorporate pieces that may have been handed down through your family with some of your other favorite finds.”

8 Home Accents to Buy Vintage (Rather Than New and “Vintage-Inspired”)

Dobrowolski adds that vintage textiles-tablecloths, runners, napkins, et cetera-are other great choices to pick up at an antique or vintage store. “Once you wash-maybe dry-clean to be safe-they’re ready to use!” she says. A mirror is another home object that benefits from some age when used decoratively.

Best Things To Buy Used – Vintage Home Decor Pieces

Before you plan your next shopping spree at a big box retailer, read this. Certain furniture and decor items are actually better to buy secondhand-be it an antique or a cool thrift store find, these are the items that often become more valuable as time goes on.

5 Tips for Finding Vintage Home Decor – The Shine Project

As I’ve been showing little snap shots of our new home, I get asked a lot how to find good vintage pieces and antiques. I’ve learned a lot these past few years…and here are my top 5 tips! 1. Shop estate sales. Every state, no matter where you live, have companies that puts on estate […]

The Best Home Decor Items to Buy Secondhand

The best home decor items that you should always consider buying secondhand. I love decorating and redecorating our home, but I don’t love spending a lot of money on new furniture and decor. Lucky for me, I also love thrifting and hunting for deals, which makes swapping out decor and redecorating both fun and super affordable.

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