Early American Pattern Glass

Estate Sale Find – Early American Pattern Glass

A lot of pattern glass or Early American Pressed glass doesn’t really come with a high price tag. These are pieces that you would have found that were used every day. All different types of pieces were made with different patterns.

Plates were made, tea sets were made etc. This is a coffee set that was made. There was a piece made for everything and this was glassware that was used on a daily basis. How we use paper plates today is what these pieces were made for. They were made to be used every day. So you will see damage from every day use on pieces of this glass.

Antique Early American Pattern Glass

Shop for-and learn about-Antique Early American Pattern Glass. Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG), also known as pressed glass, was produced from roughly…

The ABC’s of Early American Pattern Glass | Estate Sale Blog

A cursory look at the auction items offered in the section of ebay at Pottery & Glass Glass Glassware Early American Pattern Glass, could leave a person slightly bewildered.

EAPG Glass: information, pictures and references on Early American Pattern Glass

EAPG: A short explanation: Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG for short) is clear or coloured pressed glass made from around 1850 until about 1914 in matched sets. Machines for pressing glass were invented in the 1820’s, but it was not until the 1860’s that they were improved enough to mass produce matched table services.

How was Early American Pattern Glass Made? This Week’s Find of the Week

Video Translation: Hi, This is Jennifer here with City Farmhouse Antiques and I am here with this week’s Find of the Week. This week I want to show you a few pieces of Early American Pattern glass. These pieces are extremely old.

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