Differences-San Antonio Estate Sales LLC

We do several things differently than the other estate sale companies in San Antonio.

  1. We use text messaging and not email to let our shoppers know of upcoming sales. You will get the text the day before the sale starts.
  2. Many companies are 25% off on the second day. We are 33-50% off on the second day.
  3. Often, we do basket sales on the last day for $20. You can fill one of our laundry baskets with items that have a regular price of less than $30 for $20. There are a few exceptions and our basket is not included.
  4. The last day we are flexible with our pricing especially the last few hours. There can be great deals to be found.
  5. We are working on a rewards program. Still trying to find the right software that is easy to use for the shoppers and our company and meets our needs.
  6. We are lenient with charge cards taking them even on $5 purchases and we do not charge the shoppers a fee.

If you are looking for someone to manage an estate sale in the San Antonio Metro area visit: https://saesllc.com