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Vintage Home Decor

Estate Sales are a Great Place to get Vintage Home Décor

Antique or vintage dinnerware is particularly great for any more eclectic or bohemian decorators. By proxy of being antique, your dinnerware is almost guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind, too. “I love the mix-and-match element of vintage tableware because you can build your own highly personalized collection,” says Brockway. “It’s also an easy way to incorporate pieces […]

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diamonds and estate jewelry

How to Find Great Deals on Diamonds and Estate Jewelry

“Pre-owned engagement rings find their way to the marketplace in a variety of ways. On many occasions it’s as a result of an estate sale, but sometimes it is simply because the present owner is looking to liquidate the value held. Whatever the reason, browsing pre-owned engagement rings, and especially antique and vintage rings, can […]

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buying small aplliances estate sales

Why Buying Small Appliances at Estate Sales is a Great Ideal

Plenty of small appliances can be found in the various estate sales in the San Antonio area. While you will find many of the same things such as: coffee pots, blenders, and toasters. There are some surprising finds when visiting the various sales. 9 Best Things to Buy at an Estate Sale Estate sales can […]

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buying gold and silver estate sales

Buying Gold & Silver at Estate Sales

If you go to an estate sale with the intent to find gold and silver at low prices, make sure that you know the spot price for the day. This is the price that you would get if you sold the gold or silver to a retail buyer. This price can be found online or […]

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looking for used pampered chef

Buying Used Pampered Chef

Do some research on ebay for completed sales to get an idea of how much they are worth. You must add the selling price along with the shipping price. Need input on how to price @ garage sale I’m a former consultant (2007-late 2008) with several items I want to put out at a garage […]

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Art Print estate sale

Discover How to Get Great Deals on Art Prints at Estate Sales

Just because a piece of art is a print, does not mean it’s bad! Many well-respected artists, including Edouard Manet, Pablo Picasso, Albrecht Durer, Marc Chagall and Andy Warhol (to name just a few) have done extensive work with printmaking. Printmaking is a viable medium all its own with a varied history and some intriguing […]

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Buy Jewelry Estate Sales

How to Buy Jewelry at Estate Sales

The advice I heard repeated most often wasn’t so much advice as it was a statement of fact: second-hand buying is mainly about experience. Being a good buyer comes from years of looking at and handling jewelry and, as with anything else, making mistakes along the way. How to Approach And Find Good Buys in […]

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how to buy corningware

How to Buy CorningWare

If you recall CorningWare fondly then you are not alone. CorningWare was once an everyday staple for many families and is now a hot collectible item of kitchen ware. Vintage CorningWare has had quite the uptick in popularity thanks to a wave of nostalgia for the quirky designs. You can find great deals on Corning […]

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Antique / Rare Books

How to Collect Antique & Rare Books

Both accomplished antique book collectors, Grybos and Sutton identify es-tate sales as one of their most successful spots for hunting down rare books. ““Estate sales are a fantastic place to find some amazing books if the home-owners were old enough,” says Grybos. “I often stop in on the last day of an estate sale as […]

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Early American Pattern Glass

Estate Sale Find – Early American Pattern Glass

A lot of pattern glass or Early American Pressed glass doesn’t really come with a high price tag. These are pieces that you would have found that were used every day. All different types of pieces were made with different patterns. Plates were made, tea sets were made etc. This is a coffee set that […]

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