San Antonio Estate Sale- Shopping Tips

San Antonio Estate Sale- Shopping Tips

We will be adding articles regularly to assist you with San Antonio Estate Sale shopping tips. There are plenty of estate sales to visit each week and many opportunities to find great values. These tips will be general shopping tips along with specific tips on various products.

7 shopping tips for San Antonio Estate Sales

1. Friendly with staff tell them what you are looking for. If you are rude, they will remember and will definitely not make any deals with you. If you are asking for a better price, be nice about it. Subscribe to the mailing list. Most companies have an email list, but we have a text message list also.

2. Don’t judge sale by neighborhood. Some of the best stuff can be found in some modest homes.

3. Only shop discount days. The first day can result in bargains with things not being priced correctly. Most sales have a 25% discount on second day and 50% on third. We are 33-50% the second day and 50-70% off the last day.

4. Good items are still left after initial rush / after 1st day. Too many people don’t see everything. Come back 2-3 hours later when things are calmer to get a good look at everything for sale.

5. Smart about asking discount. Do not ask with a line of people about getting additional discounts. Talk to the employees on the side and most will not give a discount the first day.

6. Leave a bid have sheet. Offer above ½ price otherwise will sell to someone there. Talk to employee or person running sale. Many will not take bids because only a small % come back to buy.

7. Bring supplies/ bags/boxes/tape/wrapping supplies/measuring tape and help lined up heavy or bulky items. Also, the vehicle needs to be cleared as much as possible. Shoppers have stuff from estate sales the week before.

New San Antonio Estate Sale Company

Are you looking to remove the clutter and reduce the stress?

While there are many good estate sale companies in the San Antonio area, we have some differences we feel will be beneficial to you. We have shopped many of our competitor’s estate sales. While we like a lot of what we saw, we felt most times there could be a better sell thru with more revenue.

We will be going to electronic receipts in summer of 2020, so there will be no more handwritten tickets. We will add your items by phone, tablet or computer. This will result in a faster and more accurate checkout.

 Some issues are high starting price and not a large enough discount on the cheaper items on the second and third days. The first day for most of our competitors is no discount and then 25% and 50% off.  We are no discount on first day 33% off on most items the second day and then 50-70% off the last day. We will make deals in bulk the last two hours.

Jerry has been a Business Liquidator since 2003 and sold many of the owner’s personal property also. He had a featured article in the Wall Street Journal about him as a liquidator. He has been quoted about liquidations and has appeared in such publications as USA Today, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Las Vegas Review Journal and many more. 

Some of our differences besides pricing are:

  1. Almost everyone uses emails to let people know about upcoming sales. We use push notifications marketing to update shoppers.
  2. We open at 8:30( when possible) or the earliest time allowed by the city to get a jump on the competition. San Antonio allows estate sales to start at 9.
  3. We sell a lot of the cheaper items such as household cleaners in bulk at a great price.

San Antonio Estate Sales LLC will be conducting estate sales later this year. Subscribe to our push notification and you will be alerted of all our sales. Feel free to contact us with suggestions on what you like to see. Remember though, the client is our top obligation, but understand the value of pricing to sell.

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