Start Your Own Business

While Helping Others & Your Community

Start Your Own Business

Marketing Difference

It is a simple fact 90% of insurance agents fail in a few years. Is this surprising? No!!!!

The problem is that the vast majority of insurance agents/brokers follow the same marketing plan that has been around for years. Yes, some things are limited by state laws, but there are plenty of things an agent can do to make themselves unique. The first rule of marketing is to make yourself or your business unique.

My name is Jerry and I am a marketing coach for insurance agents and realtors. In addition, I passed the Life, Health & Accident test in Texas and am looking to hire good people to grow my agency while using marketing techniques to stand out in the crowd.

It does take some work especially in the beginning, but the profits are worth it while at the same time helping families and the community.

Our marketing concentrates on charities, volunteering, direct mail, online marketing and creating a monthly community newsletter. This will help you build relationships with families and the community, resulting in more warm leads. Lead generation is crucial for growing your insurance business. Our marketing will work if you are looking to be part-time, full-time or grow your own agency.